Friday, August 25th: CMA Ontario Spotlight Night

Since 2014, Lucknow's Music in the Fields has partnered with the Country Music Association of Ontario (CMA ONTARIO) to provide even more electric talent to the festival.  During the spring, the CMA ONTARIO seeks out a rising star in Ontario to represent them here in Lucknow and wow the crowd with everything they have.  The CMA ONTARIO actively serves emerging artists in the province by providing strategies and advice on how to make it in the starlit world of country music.  The 2017 CMA ONTARIO Spotlight Night artist will be chosen later in the spring of 2018.

CMAO ONTARIO Spotlight Night - Sponsored by the Country Music Association of Ontario
Past performers:  Johnson Crook (2017) Sacha (2016), Shea Dupuy (2015), Emily Reid (2014)


Saturday August 26: Emerging Artist Showdown

It's our 10th year anniversary, and just for 2018 we're switching up our Emerging Artist format to celebrate.  This year will be your chance to welcome back some familiar faces from the past who lit up this stage and our collective hearts.  Stay tuned for your complete Emerging Artist Stage lineup!

Emerging Artist WINNERS (PERFORMERS) - Sponsored in part by the Howick Mutual Insurance Company
Josh RosS (2017), Kristen Hawley (2016), Vanessa Marie Carter (2015), Runaway Angel (2014), Amy Rose (2013), the James Cameron Band (2012)

Past runner-up performers:  ALESSIA COHLE (2017), Buck Twenty (2016), Eric Ethridge (2015), Brooklyn Roebuck (2014), The Walters Twins (2013), Kerosene Creek (2012)